Announcing a new judge: Florian Mendel (2014)


At the request of our judging team, we have added another judge – Florian Mendel. Florian will help round-out the skillsets represented in our judging team. This contest is a challenge to judge as there are many ways to win – and each of these approaches requires a different skillset to fully understand the implications of the technique(s) used. Because of this, we have tried to build a team that represents all of the skills that that could be represented in the submissions. With the addition of Florian to the team, we are improving that skillset coverage.

Thanks Florian!


  • Hi there. I just saw your contest. I have some funny ideas. I am interested in submitting. But there is only a few days left. I would like to know whether you have any requirement on the format of submission. Any word limit? Do I have to hand in my code? Is it ok to just discuss ideas?

    Cheers, – rong

  • The format for the contest is fairly open – submissions with code may score better, but designs alone are accepted as well. For this year, there aren’t many restrictions – I would suggest treating it as if you are submitting it to a journal, or a implementor to actually build.

  • “I would suggest treating it as if you are submitting it to a journal”

    Whoops, I formatted mine like a Full Disclosure post 🙁

  • It’s fine Scott – this year the contest was less structured intentionally. We were trying to work out what works, and what doesn’t. What’s expected will be made more clear next year.

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