All Underhanded Crypto Entries (2014)


Two weeks ago we announced the Underhanded Crypto Contest winners. Today, we are releasing all of the submissions.


  1. John Meacham
  2. Gaƫtan Leurent

Round 3:

Round 2:

Round 1:

An archive with all of the submissions can be downloaded here.

After the contest was over, we let the contestants make minor changes to their entries. If you want to see exactly what the judges saw, except for the removal of email headers and one entry that has been anonymized, the archive is here.

We’d like to thank our judges and sponsors once again, as without them, none of these entries would have ever been created.

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  • It would be great if there is also commentary on the entries, similar to how “Underhanded C contest” does its reporting. No point in you people wasting all your time, just to sort some entries.

    • Jermus, there are many changes that are coming for the next contest, likely 2016. Many of the submissions weren’t well documented, or at least not in any way that would make it easy to build useful summaries without investing quite a bit of time. Next time around we are going to require a publishable summary for each entry to make it easier and quicker to publish the details.

      So, we totally agree and we’ll be addressing it as part of larger changes for next time.

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