2016 Underhanded Crypto Contest


The Underhanded Crypto Contest is back for another year!

This year we have a special theme: cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is made up of lots of moving parts that interact with each other in subtle ways, so you have more room to play. There are both more components to target and more potential goals. Your backdoor could let you steal secret keys, steal currency, carry out double-spend attacks, inflate the value of the currency, de-anonymize transactions, and much more. You can do it by applying a classic backdoor technique to encryption code or do it more subtly by mucking with the consensus rules. As long as it has something to do with cryptocurrencies, it’s fair game.

Keep in mind that the world of cryptocurrencies is a vast space, larger than Bitcoin. Submissions that patch the Bitcoin core code are very welcome, but you’re also encouraged to attack altcoins and unimplemented academic work. You could even invent an entire cryptocurrency of your own. We’re excited to see what you do.

You can find the contest rules and instructions for submitting your entry here.

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