We’ve Extended the Deadline for the 2016 Contest

We, the organizers, have been super busy with other things this year, and haven’t been promoting the contest on social media as we’d have liked. With the current deadline of June 1, 2016 only days away, it would be unfair for us to start promoting the contest now. Everyone should have a chance to submit their best idea before we stop accepting submissions.

So we’re extending the deadline to June 30, 2016, giving you another month to work on your entries. We’ve updated the contest rules page with the new due date.

2016 Call for Judges

This year’s Underhanded Crypto Contest is about cryptocurrencies and the submission deadline is quickly approaching. We’re looking for volunteer judges competent in cryptography and/or cryptocurrencies to help us pick two winners (first place and second place) out of the submissions. Judges get early access to the submissions and work with each other to determine which of them contain novel ways of inserting weaknesses into cryptocurrency systems.

The process we used for judging the 2014 contest was too process-heavy and placed an undue burden on our judges’ time. This year, it should be a lot easier to judge since:

  • we’re only looking for two or three judges,
  • the new process is less formal and strict,
  • the submissions will come in a standardized format.

Judging will happen in July and must be finished by August. If you’re interested in being a judge, and you’re available in July, please email Taylor at [email protected].

2016 Call for Sponsors

Update (2016-06-06): The sponsors have been selected! See the 2016 prize announcement.

Sponsoring the 2016 Underhanded Crypto Contest is a great way to show that your organization supports innovative attack-oriented research into making cryptocurrencies more secure. We’re looking for a couple of organizations to sponsor the first and second place prizes for this year’s contest. The sponsorship options are:

  • Gold: $500 USD. One gold sponsorship slot is open which will be used for the first-place prize.
  • Silver: $250 USD. One silver sponsorship slots is open which will be used as the second-place prize.

The gold sponsor gets their company logo (with hyperlink) on the front page of our website until the 2017 contest begins. The hyperlinked logo will also be included in all future blog posts about the 2016 contest and its winners. The silver sponsor gets the same thing except the gold sponsor’s logo will be larger, distinguished as being the gold sponsor, and will come first on the page. Sponsor logos will also be displayed and mentioned in any talks we give about the 2016 contest.

Sponsors will be responsible for sending the U.S. dollar prize to the winners our volunteer judges select, and for their own tax implications of doing so. Contest winners will be responsible for their own tax implications of receiving the prize.

If you’re interested in being either a gold or silver sponsor, please email Taylor at [email protected]