2016 Call for Judges


This year’s Underhanded Crypto Contest is about cryptocurrencies and the submission deadline is quickly approaching. We’re looking for volunteer judges competent in cryptography and/or cryptocurrencies to help us pick two winners (first place and second place) out of the submissions. Judges get early access to the submissions and work with each other to determine which of them contain novel ways of inserting weaknesses into cryptocurrency systems.

The process we used for judging the 2014 contest was too process-heavy and placed an undue burden on our judges’ time. This year, it should be a lot easier to judge since:

  • we’re only looking for two or three judges,
  • the new process is less formal and strict,
  • the submissions will come in a standardized format.

Judging will happen in July and must be finished by August. If you’re interested in being a judge, and you’re available in July, please email Taylor at [email protected].

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