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Announcing Judges and Prizes for the 2017 Contest

Our sponsors understand the value of the time and creativity you put in to your Underhanded Crypto entry, and they’re backing that up with some awesome prizes for the winners this year. Here they are. The Zcash Prize: 15 ZEC. (See the USD↔ZEC exchange rate on Zchain)     The NCC Group Cryptography Services Prize: $500 (US).   The first-place winner will get to pick whichever...

Get Ready for The 2017 Underhanded Crypto Contest

The Underhanded Crypto Contest is back, and we can’t wait to see all the nifty tricks you’ll come up with to put backdoors into cryptography. Last year we wanted to see backdoors that exclusively related to cryptocurrencies, and we didn’t get much of a response. So, this year, we’re open to any kind of crypto backdoor that you can think of. To give you all a head start...

Rules for the 2017 Underhanded Crypto Contest

Introduction The Underhanded Crypto contest was inspired by the famous Underhanded C Contest, which is a contest for producing C programs that look correct, yet are flawed in some subtle way that makes them behave inappropriately. This is a great model for demonstrating how hard code review is, and how easy it is to slip in a backdoor even when smart people are paying attention. The Underhanded...

The 2016 Backdoored Cryptocurrency Contest Winner

Earlier this year, we opened a contest with a special focus on backdoors in cryptocurrencies. Despite offering a $500 first-place prize from our sponsor Zcash, and a $250 second-place prize from our sponsor NCC Cryptography Services, only one person sent in a submission. It’s a good one, though, and our judges agreed to award it the first-place prize. Our sponsors:              ...

Judges for the 2016 Contest

We recently put out a call to attract volunteer judges for this year’s contest. Now, we’re proud to present those who will be judging the 2016 contest. The judges are, in alphabetical order:

Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Gustavo Banegas
Eric Wustrow

The contest wouldn’t be possible without our volunteer judges. To them, we extend our sincere thanks.

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